Discover The Top 10 Most Valuable Physical Therapy Tips

  • Do you feel pain and wonder where exactly it is coming from?
  • Have you wondered what the difference between a strain and a sprain is?
  • Have you wondered if it is really true what they say about there being no gain without pain?
  • Have you been confused as to whether you should ice or heat your injury?
  • Have you wondered if using a brace will cause your muscles to weaken?
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  • When you should rest with your pain and when you should get moving
  • When you should use ice or when it is ok or better to use heat
  • How you can specifically train your joints to recover from injury
  • Why you shouldn’t do traditional long-hold stretches before your activity
  • The truth behind using a brace or support in order to help your injury

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You will only find this info in our new breakthrough book on Physical Therapy tips


As physical therapists we are always on the lookout for an opportunity to educate our patients. We are continually arming them with the best information we have in order to help them recover from their injuries, prevent further or repeated injuries, and get back to their regular activities as quickly as possible.

It is of no surprise that we often find ourselves giving the same educational information over and over and over again. We end up sharing many of the same tips to each of our patients because we know there are specific tidbits of info that are incredibly helpful and can make huge differences to nearly everyone we see. What if you didn’t need to get injured and walk through our door to get this information? What if we could wrap up all of our most valuable tips and give them to you as one big free gift to you? Well we have done just that! Our physical therapists have gathered up the most common and valuable information we have and boxed it all up into the tips we are providing in our fabulous Physical Therapy Tips e-book.

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