To all Pelvic Pain Sufferers... Discover Tips to Help You Help Yourself With Your Pelvic Floor Pain or Dysfunction.

  • Do you suffer from pain or discomfort during intercourse?
  • Do struggle with incontinence, urgency, or chronic constipation?
  • Have you gone through a difficult or traumatic childbirth?
  • Have you been told you have a prolapse or other condition, and that the only options are surgery or living with the pain?
  • Would you like to find lasting relief without risky surgeries or medication?
Free yourself from these problems and get some answers!
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In this book you'll discover:

You will only find this info in our new breakthrough book and you can expect some relief if you are willing to follow the strategies and treatment plans in our book.

  • What simple things you might be doing that is making your pain worse
  • Some of the most common (but rarely understood!) causes of pelvic floor pain
  • What your symptoms may mean
  • The truth behind using exercise and physical therapy to heal the pelvic floor
  • How trauma both physical and emotional impact pelvic floor health
  • What widespread disinformation about the pelvic floor means for your health

Don't continue living with pain, irritation, incontinence, or any other pelvic floor dysfunction.

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You will only find this info in our new breakthrough book on Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction


Pelvic pain or dysfunction can disrupt our entire lives. Whether it’s incontinence interrupting our workdays or pain putting a hold on our sex lives, pelvic floor problems are incredibly common. When these problems are so widespread, why is it that we can so rarely talk about them? Wouldn’t it be great to learn about the causes of pelvic pain and hear about surgery-free solutions in a caring and understanding way? Our new eBook gives you just that! As a bonus, you will learn some of the most common myths and misunderstandings surrounding pelvic floor health. We have even included information on common causes of pelvic pain so you can match them up with your own symptoms even before you get checked out by a professional!

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