Have you felt, burning, itching, or pain you can seem to get rid of? Learn About Inflammation, Its Many Causes, and What It Does to the Pelvic Area

  • Have you felt burning that can’t be explained by an STI?
  • Do you have unexplained pain?
  • Have you experienced redness, soreness, or tenderness?
  • Have you been told that creams or topical treatments are the only solutions?
  • Are you looking for some information and permanent solutions?
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  • What everyday items you consume could be causing your pain
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  • The link between inflammation and foods
  • How to heal yourself at home
  • The difference between inflammation, trauma, and infection
  • How your inflammation mirrors your lifestyle

Stop living with pain, irritation, redness, itching, or burning.

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Inflammation in the pelvic region can be very disruptive and irritating. Redness, tenderness, and undetermined pain can all be mistaken for a scary infection. General irritation and itchiness can be a source of embarrassment, not to mention incredible annoyance. When these problems are so widespread, why is it that we can so rarely talk about them? Wouldn’t it be great to learn about the causes of pelvic inflammation and gain new solutions in a caring and understanding way? Our new e-book gives you just that. Additionally, we share with you the same techniques we share with our patients at our office, so you can stop inflammation and begin healing your body at home.

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